Cooking With Dried Mushrooms 

We typically soak dried mushrooms in hot water until they are just soft enough to chop, knowing that they’ll continue to rehydrate when stirred into a sauce or soup. But dried mushrooms can also be used as a thrifty alternative to costlier fresh varieties in stir-fries or as toppings for pasta, pizza, or salads; in those cases they should be fully softened before being added to the dish.

snow oyster mushrooms

Sautéed Oyster Mushrooms

This pan-fried oyster mushroom recipe is a simple, delicious way to prepare oyster mushrooms. They make a great side dish or addition to your favorite meals.

Let’s hit the kitchen!

Sautéed Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

The lion’s mane mushroom is absolutely worth experimenting with in the kitchen! Sauté it up and it’s incredibly tasty on its own or in a sandwich with a little spicy mayo. 

Ready to get cooking? Here’s how to cook lion’s mane mushrooms to perfection.

Lions' mane mushroom

Pan-Fried Pioppino Mushrooms

These pan-fried pioppino mushrooms are rustic and lively with just the right hint of garlic and scallions. Serve them over a piece of toasted sourdough, or as a side with creamy mashed potatoes and steak.

Soy Butter Glazed King Oyster Mushrooms

These soy butter glazed king oyster mushrooms perfectly showcase these tasty, versatile, meaty mushrooms with a very simple recipe. King oyster mushrooms, also called king trumpet mushrooms or king brown mushrooms, have very thick white stems and small brown caps that are only a little wider than the stem. 

chestnut mushrooms

Chestnut Mushroom Bourguignon

This juicy mushroom bourguignon in a rich red wine gravy is hearty and delicious comfort food, perfect with mash and green beans.

Pioppino and Maitake Mushroom Pasta 

Although I’m sure we all have a favorite pasta dish we enjoy, this world famous pioppino and maitake mushroom pasta is “out of this world”.  Pioppino mushrooms and maitake mushrooms are world-class and world famous for good reason. 

The tastiness of this pasta lies in the pioppino and maitake mushroom combination, and believe us – you will taste the delightful difference.