(Pholiota adiposa) Chestnut Mushrooms 1oz


1oz. dried chestnut mushrooms

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Chestnut mushrooms have long, crisp stems, much longer than cremini or button mushroom stems, and the entire mushroom, including the stem, is edible

Chestnut mushroom’s scientific name literally translates to “fat with scaly cap.” These cluster-growing mushrooms are similar to Shiitake in taste, with a distinct “nutty” flavor, hence their name.

Chefs describe chestnut mushrooms as having a satisfying snap while being chewed and eaten due to their asparagus-like texture. Make sure to wash your hands after handling and preparing chestnut mushrooms as they can stain your hands orange!

Chestnut mushrooms possess many useful qualities and therefore are in high demand. Being both saprophytic and parasitic increases the possibilities for growth; however, chestnuts tend to grow better with dead substrates.

Commonly found on Beech trees in nature, Chestnut mushrooms are cultivated and sold in the United States, Japan, Chile, China, Korea, and Australia. In China, the Chestnut mushroom is commonly referred to as the “magic mushroom of China.”

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